Which doctor will I see during my first visit?
For your initial exam visit, if you have not requested one of our doctors specifically, you will be scheduled on the first, most convenient appointment time. The doctor who is available at that appointment will see you. If you do request a particular doctor, of course you'll be scheduled with that doctor.

Will I see the same doctor for all my treatment?
Yes.  If, for example, your treatment plan requires four visits, you will be scheduled all four times with your doctor. If a different doctor has a particular proficiency (for example, wisdom tooth removal), it may be suggested that you see a doctor for that special service.

Can I see my doctor if I have an emergency?
Yes.  but only if his or her schedule is available. One of the reasons for our expanded schedule is to have a doctor available at as many times of the week as possible for emergency care.  The important thing, however, is that one of our doctors will be available for emergency care throughout the week.

Can I see my same doctor/hygienist on my continuing-care (check-up/cleaning) visit?
Yes.  but only at your request. Because we schedule continuing-care visits months in advance, it is difficult for us to match you with a specific doctor that far in advance.

May I refer a friend or family member to a particular doctor?
Yes.  By all means feel free to refer someone you care about to a particular doctor here at Summit Family Dental. We will do our best to assure that all patients see their doctor of choice.